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Message from the President

I, Tosu Hideyuki, will take over the will of former Chairman Kobayashi as the new president and contribute to energy and environmental issues with the aim of becoming an engineering company that will lead the new energy field in a broad sense.

In our daily work, we will continue to be more conscious of “doing quality work”. It is our basic policy to always strive for high-quality work, and we believe that we can achieve our first social contribution. I hope the employees and their families are happy.

I am confident that if these things are realized, we will be able to carry out correct corporate activities. We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

If you have any problems regarding machinery / plant design / manufacturing, soundness assessment, CAE analysis, new energy equipment, etc., please contact us. We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Representative director  
Hideyuki Tosu

former Chairman’s message

Toward the realization of a new energy society

The world’s energy situation is about to change dramatically.

Renewable energy such as solar light and wind power is in the spotlight due to the accident at the nuclear power plant after the Great East Japan Earthquake, but the current situation is that there are major issues regarding energy stability. In addition, because of global warming, the operation of coal-fired power plants is regarded as a problem worldwide. New energy initiatives have been awaited in the industry as well.

By converting various primary energy such as fossil fuels, solar light and wind power into hydrogen as secondary energy, it is the industry that stops global warming by achieving stability of energy supply and at the same time efficient use of energy. It is a mission of the world. Japan is now at the forefront. However, there are still many issues to be solved, such as technology and cost, for the spread of hydrogen energy.

Dainichi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. has been working on the realization of a new energy society in Japan early on. The history goes back to the 80’s. In 1983, we developed hydrogen production equipment using natural gas as well as development of hydrogen production equipment using biogas as raw material.

In addition, in fiscal 2013, we delivered a continuous hydrogen production test system that produces hydrogen directly from water using the heat of sunlight and nuclear energy to the Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

We want to contribute not only to fossil fuels, but also to stable energy supply and prevention of global warming through the conversion of hydrogen into various energy sources.

Based on the management philosophy of “new creation from passion, courage and wisdom”, Dainichi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to work actively.

Former executive chairman

( Chairman Masahiro Kobayashi died of pneumonia on August 21, 2019)