CAE Analysis Solution

Based on the technology that has been cultivated in the nuclear field for many years, we provide contract analysis and consulting services by CAE (design and manufacturing support by computer). With regard to various problems that customers have, we use our knowledge and experience of both manufacturing and CAE, both hardware and software, and offer a wide range of support, including the proposal of optimal approach methods and evaluation of analysis results. I will. We also support system development support for specific problem solutions.

CAE Contract Analysis Service

We offer CAE contract analysis services in a wide range of areas, including energy, civil engineering, architecture, machinery, automotive, aerospace, EDA and consumer. They range from large-scale structural and thermal analysis, to fluid analysis, and multiphysics applications that consider fluid-structure interaction (FSI). In addition, it is also possible to meet the standards for design. New development work requires structural validity evaluation based on the standards to be complied with, but we provide analysis and result evaluation according to each standard Code such as JSME and ASME.

Proven software

  • Pre / post processor: Femap, HyperMesh
  • Analysis solver: ANSYS, NX Nastran, ABAQUS, ADINA, LS-DYNA, FLOW-3D, FloEFD

CAE consulting service

We have experienced CAE analysis consultants to provide on-site assistance with your CAE problem solving.
*The contract form and term that are most suitable for the customer differ depending on the content. Details will be decided upon consultation.

Sales, support and development of CAE software

We are selling and supporting the following software.

  • Femap : CAE Pre / post processor for finite element analysis located at the top of the industry.
  • NX Nastran : A world-class general-purpose software based on MSC.Nastran developed by NASA in the United States.
  • Femap with NX Nastran : Seamlessly integrates the NX Nastran solver with advanced analysis capabilities that integrates Femap and NX Nastran.
  • FLOW-3D : General purpose 3D CFD software developed by Flow Science in the United States. In particular, there is a reputation for solving free surface problems with high accuracy. The latest F.SAI function enables fluid-structure interaction analysis.

Analysis example by CAE

Turbine blade natural vibration analysis

Elasto-plastic analysis

Axisymmetric stress concentration analysis

Piping seismic analysis

Tsunami analysis

Video playback

Model the topography and structures in detail and analyze tsunami phenomena. Furthermore, structural strength evaluation considering the pressure generated by the tsunami

Sloshing analysis

Video playback

Analysis result of liquid level fluctuation due to vibration

Fluid-structure interaction analysis

Video playback

Lock-in phenomenon in which the natural frequency of a cylinder and the vortex emission frequency of the Karman vortex generated in the wake are synchronized

Vibration analysis of frame structure(beam + shell model)

Video playback

Vibration analysis of double box shape by frame, simplified model modeled on inner box by beam element

Vibration analysis of frame structure(detailed shell model)

Video playback

Vibration analysis of double box shape by frame, detailed model modeled by all shell elements including inner box

Turbine blade eigen value analysis(primary mode: strain energy distribution)

Video playback

Primary natural frequency and strain energy distribution of turbine blade determined by Lanczos method

Turbine blade eigen value analysis(primary mode: displacement distribution)

Video playback

Primary natural frequency, deformation mode and displacement distribution of turbine blade determined by Lanczos method