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Development of a nondestructive technique that can be inspected by electromagnetic induction from any insulation
     (The world's first innovative inspection technology)
※The technology won "The superior prize" in "the 24th Prize for
  superior and new technology by Small and Medium Enterprise".

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Inspection Overview  We have developed the world's first technology that ensure integrity of the pipe with insulation extensively in many plants. It can be examined directly from the outer surface of insulation without removal of the insulation. Our technology can be used widely in chemical and thermal fields extensively in nuclear power plants.
 Integrity of the pipe has been installed at various plants in general, periodic checks are required by law or regulations. These pipes are also in general, from the viewpoint of preventing adverse effects due to temperature difference between inside and outside the pipe has been installed in various insulation.

Equipment Configuration  Traditionally, for pipe inspection, ultrasonic testing (UT) or radiographic testing (RT) broke have been confirmed the status of the inner pipe. In addition to adhering the sensor to the pipe work to remove the insulation of pipes in the UT, required qualifications and advanced inspection technology. Removing the insulation and to improve inspection accuracy in RT also had to be very time-consuming inspection process, such as evacuation and protection to avoid exposure to radiation. In addition, the evaluation was determined to experience the power requirements of advanced workers.
 The plant, the site inspection that in some cases extend to several hundred meters long and inspected by technical flaw in the past, requires time and effort to vast repetitive examination time-consuming increasing difficulty and disconnect the insulation.

Inspection Output Example  If you use the newly developed technology, even when the surface with insulations, the technology enables internal inspection of insulated pipes, you can streamline and speed up the implementation of the inspection work. Also, because the electrical signal is obtained as a results, you can process electronically evaluate results. And it will be applicable to monitoring the continuous change of status of metallic materials.
 Our newly developed inspection technology is more advanced evolution of the conventional eddy current technology. Although eddy current techniques, the metal surface by generating an electrical field, such a technique to determine the flaw by detecting changes in magnetic field, it has been limited to the vicinity of the metal surface testing previously, because magnetic field inside the metal is raised weak against powerful on the surface.
 However, due to electromagnetic induction in non-destructive testing techniques developed by our company it is now possible to examine the subject away from the surface and back surface flaw detection and thickness changes within the material. Because it is canceled by an electrical signal from the outside surface of the powerful magnetic field, it is capable of detecting changes due to a weak internal magnetic field.
 In addition, since testing can be done together with the metal surface by this inspection technology, and testing can be performed for both volume and surface inspection.
 By utilizing this technology, you can now dramatically improve the efficiency of working with a metal pipe insulation inspection. The characteristic electrical signal can be processed continuously by the test results, and is expected to be applied in a wide range of industries; Sanity in pipes of various plants, such as constant monitoring, and usage is not limited to plants, etc., it can accommodate various structures and containers that are difficult to come into direct contact.
 Also, since there is no need to touch the subject sensor is also applicable to in-process inspection of metal materials in the manufacturing process.

 Japan Patent No. 4756409 :
    「Non-destructive testing equipment and nondestructive inspection method using
    an alternating magnetic field」
 Registered Date: Jun 10,2011

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