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 We take on the challenge for any requirements for hardware development, providing optimum design and optimum products with short completion times and low costs. Our services are backed up by our wealth of experience, state-of-the-art technologies, and our network of partners.
     -New creations born of passion, daring, and resourcefulness-

 We are an engineering company working in hardware development and process design with a special force on design technologies.
We have always supported the needs of our customers for the development of new technologies by boldly taking on challengers in all fields. Thanks to the support we receive from our wide range of customers, we have been able to build up a strong record in providing customer satisfaction. Our focus goes beyond current technologies so that we constantly overcome difficulties with new innovations and creative solutions. This has provided us with many achievements and valuable experiences over the years.
We have made many achievements in development, design, and manufacturing since our establishment 40 years ago right up till today. This includes everything from designing and manufacturing industrial machines to equipment for reactor internal structural objects and peripheral equipment, equipment for systems maintenance, processing and inspection equipment, robot and all kinds of remote-controlled equipment, automatic equipment, and special environmental equipment that require extremely high reliability. We also have many achievements in designing and manufacturing general industrial equipment, machines, and automatic equipement. We are also now actively involved in process design and equipment design for the development of new energy, as well as the development of the latest non-destrctive inspection technologies. In addition, we perform the analysis evaluation of the structure and the fluid by a finite element method. Evident in our achievements is our constant striving for deeper understanding and creativity in our work, and an engineer's approach in striving for the unknown.
Our guiding principles are : To strive toward technological excellence and to provide technologies and products with daring and resourcefulness for the satisfaction of our customers with the joy afforded by new challenges and passion.
We are all firmly committed to providing our services with speed and earnestness.

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